About BaKCEx


The purpose of BaKCEx [bakcheks] is to provide a service for individuals as well as small groups of kite enthusiasts to experience Bali Kite Championships and other kite competitions in Bali.

Outline of BaKCEx

  • International return fare to Bali and accommodation in Bali will be borne by participants.
  • Accommodation will be at selected hotel/guest house/home stay where good discount can be obtained.
  • Local transports to kite competitions as well as meals at the kite competition will be provided by BAKCEX.
  • A T-shirt and a Field Pass will be provided to participants after field security briefing.
  • Maximum 10 persons (for transport reasons) at each event.

Activities before Kite Competition

  • Seminar on traditional Balinese kites and kite culture.
  • Kite field security briefing.

At the Kite Competition

  • At the Kite Competition the participants will only be spectators; they will not be flying any of their own kites on the competition field.
  • A simple package lunch will be provided.
  • An option to join a banjar for one day will be available. This should be requested at registration time.

Optional program after the Kite Competition

  • One day of kite flying on Merta Sari beach, Sanur (not as an organized kite festival, just as a fly-together with Balinese kite fliers.)
  • One day of sightseeing in Bali.

To register for participating in BaKCEx event (experiencing Bali Kite Culture) please fill in the Registration Form.

BaKCEx is a non profit foundation under Tri Hita Karana Foundation. Tri Hita Karana Foundation is registered in Indonesian Government (under Minister of Law and Human Rights, No.: AHU-3278.AH.01.04 Year 20/01/00).

BaKCEx was founded by Andreas Ågren in November 2014 and joined Tri Hita Karana in March 2018.