Kite Competition schedule 2024

Normally Bali Kite Association publishes a schedule for the season’s kite competitions, but they have decided not to do so for season 2024.

However, several kite competition organizers, both old and new, have on Facebook announced their competitions for the 2024 kite season. Till now (May 12) only 16 competitions have been announced until mid August. These competitions are compiled in the list below, according to the information in their posters. In some cases it is not quite clear what the location is for the competition. In a few cases there are multiple competitions on the same day in different locations in Bali.

As always the dates for a competition can change with short notice, so precaution and making a check-up in advance is adviced.

Please note: The below table is NOT an official schedule; it is merely a compilation of information (i.e. the posters for the competitions) posted on Facebook in May, see Kite competition posters (link to Facebook). More competitions will be added to the list as the are announced on Facebook.

1May 19 ST.WIRA BHAKTI Kite Festival #1Carik Ujung, Desa Adat Mengwi, Kecamatan Mengwi, Kb. Badung
2May 19MAWANG KAJA KITE FESTIVAL #3Carik Uma Limbing
Br. Mawang Kaja, Lodtunduh Ubud – Gianyar
3May 19PIG Festival #1Klumpu
4May 19Pangkung Kite Festival #2
Subak Nyitdah 2, Pandak Gede
5May 23Sibeh Pat Kite Festival #4Uma Jro
Br. Angkeb Canging, Gulingan, Mengwi
6May 26TBNG
Kite Festival #1
Pantai Pangkung Tibah
7May 26Muara Beach Kite Festival #6Pantai Muara Tangtu, Denpasar Timur
8May 26Wija Adnya Kite Festival VPantai Padma Legian
9June 02ST. DHARMA YOGA Kite Festival #2Carik Munduk Dalem, Desa Adat Kekeran, Mengwi, Badung
Kite Festival
Subak Gadon I, Banjar Pasti Desa Pandak Gede, Kecamatan Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan.
11June 02SSR_CAMPAH KIte Festival #2Pantai Jumpai Klungkung, dan area pusat Kebudayaan
12June 09STCM x CUCUN ALU summer kite festival #3Carik Penanging, Br. Pagutan Kaja Batubulan
13June 09LIAK Kite Festival #5Carik Subak Lungatad, Jalan Cekomaria, Peguyangan Kangin
14June 09Bayubiru Traditional Kite FestivalPantai Pengambengan, Kabupaten Jembrana – Negara
15June 15 – 16Sewalu Team Kite Festival #VIPantai Mertasari, Sanur
16June 16ABIANTIMBUL Kite Festival #2Carik Ulunsuwi – Abiantimbul Jl. Gunung Soputan
17June 22 – 23 Mel Tanjung Kite Festival XVPantai Mertasari, Sanur
18June 23Joh Kauh Kite Festival 2Pantai Muara, Br.Tangtu Kesiman, Denpasar Timur
19June 23Damuh Langit Kite FestivalPantai Pengambengan
20June 23G-5000 Kite Festival #10Sawah Ulun Carik
21June 30UDB TEAM KIte Festival #3Pantai Muara Tangtu, Kesiman, Denpasar Timur
22July 6 -7 Bali Kite Championships,
Bali Kite Festival
Pantai Padang Galak
23July 14Singapadu Kite Festival IICarik Ulun Suwi, Sebelah selatan SMP N 2, Sukawati, Desa Singapadu, Sukawati, Gianyar
24July 20 -21 Festival Layangan Bali 2024Pantai Padang Galak
25July 26 -28Pelayang Badung Kite Festival #2Pantai Padang Galak
26August 03 – 04KESAMBI BANGKITE 1Pantai Padang Galak
27August 15 – 18 Denpasar International Kite Festival
Lomba Layang layang tradisional
Pantai Mertasari
28August 17 – 18Aquarium In The SkyPantai Padang Galak