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If you have been to Bali and experienced the Balinese kite culture; please tell about your experience here!

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Maggie from Singapore wrote on May 20, 2018:
Awesome Bali!
Invitation to Bali IKF 2017, was a wonderful journey filled with anxiety. Upon arrival on the airport runway, I could vividly remembered seeing kites flown at afar distance. Followed by the prompt pickup that drove my son and I straight to the opening dinner. We were pleased to be received by Andreas Agren together with others kiting family. After dinner, we were whisked back to our resort,where my beautiful room awaits us at SUKUN COTTAGES.
My journey begins....kite field.
Bali local kite festival starts from July to Sept yearly. Year 2017 was known to be held again both internationally and locally. International Kites were beautifully up on the first day with constant wind till evening. Second day was the opening segment for the local kite flyers, we embraced the ceremony with the locals who were beautifully dressed in traditional sarong and costumes. The background was livened up with music, prayers and their creation of kites. Young and old both neatly demonstrating carrying those heavy Bebean and Janggan Kites out from their transportation. All readily to compete with one another.I was watching immensely with excitement, admiring the colours and design of each kite.
Looking at how teamwork was being shared with young and old, was a challenge - as to how the task of assembling and skill flying of their local kites. Generally the little children of about 4years old already had knowlege of pulling the kiteline, helping their grandparents or parents as they move along with their creation. That very minute of kiting spirit flashes in my mind, that will never happen in my homeland.
Bali, a festival with good wind, great hospitality, great kiting community was indeed an eye opener for me relating the bonding of the local kite flyers and each individuals. Nevertheless, had been sharing my experience with friends and family about Bali Kite Festival, this is a 'must-go' kite festival!!
My heartfelt thanks to Andreas Agren and Kadek Armika, Kadek Suprapta, Made Madra for hosting my family in Sanur - Bali.